On our way back from Salmon Arm the other month we stopped at this lake to catch a climpse of a train passing on the other side and for me to capture some great reflective photos.

Trains over here are long, very long in fact, sometimes containing 100+ carriages.

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Ospreys in Salmon Arm, BC

Ospreys generally mate for life

We were lucky to be able to observe a pair of breeding Ospreys during our visit to Salmon Arm, BC the other week. They are nesting right on a post in the little wharf they have in town, and are not at all disturbed by on-lookers.

I only had my smaller zoom lens with me, so was limited in the amount of close-ups I could get, still, I am pretty happy to have just been able to sit and what these birds going about their daily life. We watched them fish and then have an aerial fight in the distance with some bald eagles that tried to muscle in on their catch.


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Emerald Lake and Natural Bridge

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, BC Canada

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park in British Columbia, is exactly as you would imagine it; turquoise waters surrounded by moutains. The lake is just a short 17km drive off Highway 1 and is best seen in early summer when the colour is at its best due to the high amount of glacial silt flowing from the mountains into the lake. There is also a hotel (incl. lodges), as well as a canoe rental and a bistro, plus the restaurant in the hotel – all for the not faint of heart where money is concerned!

Water leading out of Emerald Lake with Mt Burgess in the background

Emerald Lake is surrounded by the mountains of the President Range, Mount Burgess, and Wapta Mountain. There is a hiking trail going around the lake which no doubt affords some wonderful views, but as we were short on time we did not explore the trail.

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, BC Canada

As in all our national parks, be prepared for lots of day visitors; the car park can get very full during the summer and you might have to park further down and walk back to the lake. However, it is nowwhere near as busy as Lake Louise and is well worth a visit.

Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park, BC Canada

On the way to the lake make sure you stop at Natural Bridge, which spans the Kicking Horse River. It is a natural rock formation where the slower moving waters from the Field valley flats begin their descent through a canyon to be joined by the Amiskwi River.

The Kicking Horse River, BC

By the way, I love that I live somewhere that has a national park called Yoho; those of you from the UK may recall the children’s TV series Yoho Ahoy and so everytime I have to say Yoho National Park I say it in the style used in that show (sad I know, but it gives me great joy to do so!).

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

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The longest curved inland wharf in North Amercia!

The wharf in Salmon Arm, BC

The wharf, which is 440 feet/134 meters long, is in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. We spent last weekend in this wonderful town (although technically it is a city – a small one, but still…) and had a wonderful relaxing time.

Salmon Arm sits on the Shuswap Lake and the wharf was originally build in 1865 to accommodate large stern wheelers for transporting goods and people in and out of the Shuswap area. Once the railway arrived steamboats continued to serve remote parts of the lake right up to the 1930s. In 1986 the wharf was reconstructed.

It’s a great place to take a walk and observe a number of different birds. We were lucky to sit and watch western grebes swim by, as well as oberserving a nesting pair of ospreys (more of them in a later post) and dozens of barn swollows swooping above our heads. It was so good that we came back the following evening for another instalment of bird watching.

Sunset over the Shuswap Lake, BC

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It’s all rosy

We had a rainy afternoon yesterday, so I ended up playing in Photoshop and created this.

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Everything is just bigger in Vegas!

To prove this, here are some photos I took back in February while we walked the Strip.

The Giant Typewriter Eraser near the Aria Hotel


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Parasols at the Wynn

The Parasol Down Bar & Lounge at the Wynn in Las Vegas is a favourite of ours. Aside from the great view out to the waterfall the parasols, which move slowly up and down, are a fun subject to photograph. I have taken the escalators up and down a number of times just to get photographs I was happy with (and no, I didn’t get any funny looks, other than from Mr T!).


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The Neon Musem by day – Part 2

Some more photos from our time at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

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The Neon Museum by day – Part 1

I previously blogged about the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, at that time we visited during the evening via a guided tour. This time around we went during the day and wandered around on our own.

The biggest new addition to the collection is the Hard Rock Cafe Guitar Sign, which only went up the week prior to our visit and they were still working on the electrics when we visited. There is a cool time-lapse video of the guitar’s installation on their Instagram page, worth taking a look!

I love that during the day the colours of the signs are the star of the show and really give this place a different feel when compared to a night visit.

This post will be in two parts, as I have too many photos I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy the signs as much as we did!

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