Week 1 – Red



Week 1 of the challenge and it’s RED for me.

These are some of the baubles hanging in one of our windows. I tried to not get myself in the reflection of these, but that proofed a little more difficult than I thought. 

Happy New Year everyone!



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18 thoughts on “Week 1 – Red

  1. I love your perspective on these ornaments! Happy New Year!


  2. Thank you Madelaine, much appreciated!


  3. regularman

    I love the diagonals of the blinds in contrast to the strong verticals. What a fine image! Happy New Year to you as well.


  4. Great image, perfect for the theme. Happy New Year to you.


  5. Tammy

    The red baubles really demand attention and catches the eyes easily! Nice depth of field too!


  6. I’m kind of partial to reflections of the photographer in the object photographed. I too love the lines contributed by the blinds. Adds a bit more complexity to your photo.


  7. I love the way the red pops out against the muted blues.


  8. This is beautiful! I am doing the 365 project but all these red 52 projects items are kind of calling to me….


  9. great start for 2013 themes. The angle and the blids adds some extra to the shot


  10. Love the lines, focus and bright pop of red.


  11. The contrasts really make this image stand out – the deep red against the softer background as well as the vertical of the hanging ornaments agaainst the more diagonal lines in the blinds.


  12. I too love the color pop and the varied focus. A fine start!


  13. This is elegant. So simple, so sleek–that one ball in sharp focus and the others giving depth to the whole.


  14. Love the depth you captured.


  15. Love this picture especially like how each bulb has a different perspective.


  16. Beautiful! Great DOF and contrast in the angles. What a lovely red besides.


  17. I love your DOF, blur in the front–blur in the back… really keeps my eye interested. Great photo!!


  18. I like the angle at which you photographed these red baubles… catches attention right away and holds onto it.


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