Week 1 – Another Red

I know that I have already covered Week 1 – Red, but I came across this tree covered in red Christmas lights on our first visit to the Calgary Zoolights, which is an annual event every evening during December/first January week where you can visit the zoo after hours and enjoy all the lights. 

It was very strange walking around the zoo in the dark with no animals out, although we did spot the flamingos in their winter quarters and the tiger cubs (which are no longer the size of cubs to be honest) were out in their special enclosure. 

This was the first time that I have attempted photography at night without using a flash. I am quite pleased with most of the photos I took. I just wish you could see on the small camera screen when things aren’t quite as sharp as needed. Alas, this only ever seems to be visible when you get home to your computer screen.


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9 thoughts on “Week 1 – Another Red

  1. Handheld night photography is tough. I try to brace myself and hold my breath when I snap. I like the patterns in your shot.


  2. Thanks bfcphotos, I wish I could say it was handheld, but I did use a tripod! More practice needed me thinks!


  3. Tammy

    Even with a tripod this shot is a hard one and I think you did a nice job! Since you had a tripod I might even try a longer shutter speed…might have an interesting result! 🙂


  4. Night lights are very difficult to capture. This is a lovely shot.


  5. A tough shooting assignment…one that I haven’t mastered either! But your overall shot is pleasant to view with the outline of the tree so nicely defined. Just need to practice a bit more until you’ve got a setting that gives you the photo you desire.


  6. I think you nailed this…..just beautiful!!


  7. I like the way the lights make the tree “glow”. Well done on a difficult shot.


  8. Thank you all for your great comments. Definitely will have to practice more with low light photography, something I am not that comfortable with yet.


  9. This is something I need to practice too! Thanks for posting even if not perfect.


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