Week 2 – Blue

I was a little bit at a loss as to what to photograph this week for the Blue theme. At first I thought, perfect, the sun is shining and we are lucky to have blue skies this weekend; and then I thought, no that’s just too boring. So I started to look around our house to see what caught my eye.

We own a huge number of books, as both my husband and I are avid readers. So I thought, let’s grab some blue books and see what I can come up with.

After running the photo through the free Coffeeshop Denim action, I came up with the below.Image

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17 thoughts on “Week 2 – Blue

  1. Clever way to fill the theme, I must check out that denim action, looks good.


  2. regularman

    I like the reflection.


  3. Tammy

    I love all the different shades of blue…I too need to look at that action!


  4. Thank you all for visiting and your kind comments.


  5. That’s what the challenge is all about….creating new shots!


  6. I am going to have to check out that action.
    Love the reflection and all the tones of blue.


  7. What an elegant stack. I love the way you used so many subtle shades of blue. My art teacher in high school used to say that there were 30,000 shades of blue that the human eye could perceive. Your photo is a great demonstration of the variety of Blue. (I’m also impressed at your bilingual pile.)


  8. Beautiful set of blues!


  9. That’s a really good composition. I’ve been a bit worried about what blue material might bet posted under this theme, but nothing too racy so far!


  10. Good for you thinking out of the box. Lovely lighting and shades of blue.


  11. Love all those shades of blue, and regardless if it is hot or cold we wont say a word to Dad. đŸ™‚


  12. Blue will be an easy one for me: It’s my favorite color and I surround myself with it. (Three of my 10 cats are even blue, as is my powder puff Chinese Crested dog!)

    Haven’t heard of the Coffeeshop Denim action. What is it and where do you get it? Pretty cool shot (and I love to read, too!)


  13. I like when a theme drives the creativity! I too often shoot and then look to see what theme it fits into. You are an inspiration.


    • Judi, thank you for the very kind words. At first I was just going to take photos and see which theme they would fit, but find that is not pushing me as I want, so now I am really trying to think how I want to cover the theme and plan the shot ahead of going out to take it.


  14. Thank you all for the very kind comments – it’s really appreciated!


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