Week 3 – Yellow

So, having thought for a few weeks now on what to shoot for the Yellow week I decided on a school bus. I had it all mapped out in my head, so all I had to figure out was where to get the shot. Thankfully it was my Friday off this week, and I remember previously seeing a couple of school buses parked outside our local Walmart after their morning runs. So there I was, in the Walmart car park Friday morning at -20C trying to get the shot. I must have looked very suspicious to anybody watching me!


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17 thoughts on “Week 3 – Yellow

  1. Yes, they could have dialed 911 to report trouble at bus 911… Seriously, I like this frozen shot of yellow. (Also, I’m a late comer, please don’t forget to add me to your participants list.)


  2. regularman

    This is a terrific shot! I really like it.


  3. Can’t get more yellow than that bus!


  4. This is a fascinating photo. It’s close enough that it’s almost abstract. The colors are so elemental. Would you consider cropping out a bit more of the background so it would be all about the colors and shapes on the back of the bus?


    • Hi bfcphotos, thanks for the comment. I did think about cropping this in, but decided against it, as I did still want to show the side of the bus included the wing mirror.


  5. I love the perspective here…very unique! That burst of yellow makes this whole image work!


  6. Love the way you framed the bus.


  7. Great shot! Never leave home without a camera 🙂


  8. It was worth the planning and being out in those temperatures. Unusual view of the bus which works very well.


  9. Wow this really pops! Good result for your early morning effort!


  10. Great way to fill the theme-by filling your frame with yellow. I like the way your framed it also. It gives a sense of the length of it. Excellent.


  11. Very creative. Love the detail.


  12. Love the angle of this shot.


  13. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photo. seriously. This is stunning. one of my favourites.


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