Week 4 – Shades of Grey

This week I decided to make a collage of the images I have taken for this weeks challenge. This week has taught me that most of my work wardrobe contains black and grey – so I wasn’t short on subjects, that’s for sure!

Note to self: strive for more colour in my work wardrobe!


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13 thoughts on “Week 4 – Shades of Grey

  1. This came out nice… a creative way to show a theme. I like how each photo compliments the others. I hope you don’t mind if I try this myself one day.


  2. Grey is a very under appreciated colour, I like your collage too.


  3. An awesome collage and also some great shades of gray staples in your wardrobe! Love the closeups and textures!


  4. This is a fascinating study in grey–an exploration of tone and texture. Tough choice but my favorite is the one on the bottom left–even the empty space had tones of grey, and the selective focus is so well done.


  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.


  6. Nice approach. I like the collage idea and the rich textures you captured.


  7. Love all the shades of grey in your collage.


  8. You just elevated shades of grey! Love the concept you employed.


  9. Like your collage and a creative way to deal with a theme.


  10. I also liked the collage treatment and the textures.


  11. Love those shades of grey!


  12. Great presentation of the grey Storki


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