Week 5 – Domestic Animal

I knew it wouldn’t be long before our dogs would make an appearance on this blog. We have two female Westies, Coco and Diva (both 4 human years old). They are half sisters and were born 10 days apart. Neither one of them sits still long enough once I have my camera in my hands; it’s as if they know that that is exactly what I need them to do! So it took a few shots before I got one that I was happy with. The photo below is of Coco; she usually has ants in her pants, so this is a rare occasion of her sitting still, even if it is only for a minute. 

I processed this with yet another CoffeeShop Action.


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13 thoughts on “Week 5 – Domestic Animal

  1. Way too cute!


  2. Love he way you cropped in on those key features: the dark eyes and nose in the sea of white hair. It makes for a soulful portrait.


  3. What a beautiful photo! And your choice of an action complements it so well. Great bokeh! She looks so soft and huggable.


  4. So cute! Love the hair over one eye.


  5. I like the way her (cute) face fills the frame.


  6. Coco looks like she is smiling for you…so adorable!


  7. Coc is adorable. I love the softness in the image. I don’t know about the Coffee Shop action. But if this is the result, I need to look into it!


  8. I like the way you filled the frame with her adorable face.


  9. Beautiful shot. I love Westies, next to Border collies one of my favourite breeds.


  10. She feels so close that I want to rub noses with her, delightful portrait.


  11. She looks a real softie! beautiful dog and I really like the processing of your picture too.


  12. That cute face just draws you in. Wonderful composition on this image.


  13. Beautifully rendered portrait…you captured her essence simply yet effectively.


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