Week 12 – Games

Games – there are so many ways to interpret this theme; sports, board games, video games and so on. I chose one of our family’s favourite card games – UNO. Everyone in our family enjoys playing this game. We first played it some 17/18 years ago when our nephew was still little. We have introduced this game to our families, our friends and even our teenage daughter enjoys it, especially as the new versions of this game (UNO Extreme being the favourite) give this old favourite a new twist.

I decided to take the photo and give it a few different treatments in Topaz Labs and then created this collage.


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14 thoughts on “Week 12 – Games

  1. Tammy

    Oh this is a fun collage! Love all the colors and different varieties of the same pic. One of our favorite games too!


  2. Great collage of Topaz treatments.


  3. Love your creativy with this collage.


  4. You took a really simple concept and then ran with it–I’d have tried to select what I considered the best. You took creativity one step further to create a collage–brilliant!


  5. Turning those pics into a collage makes it seem like a game unto itself. Love the bright colours and the various treatments side by side


  6. Love all the different processes you used. Uno is a great choice for this theme. We play it and always have a night of fun.


  7. I really, really like this. The way the colors contrast and complement each other is amazing. A very creative idea.


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