Week 13 – Tradition/History

Given it’s Easter I thought I would capture a tradition that has been part of my life since I was born. The photo is a close up of our Easter Tree. I grew up in Germany and for our Easter decorations our Dad would take us out for a walk and gather Forsythia and then at home we would blow out raw eggs, decorate them and hang them on the branches of the fresh Forsythia.  Every year we would do this and when our daughter was born we continued, until we moved to Canada. I suddenly realized that Forsythia is nowhere to be seen in our part of Alberta at this time of year. So , after our second year without our Easter Tree I decided to buy the fake variety to continue our tradition.


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13 thoughts on “Week 13 – Tradition/History

  1. Not a tradition I’m familiar with, but I do like the idea of colouring eggs, I like the mirror image in your photo.


  2. Lovely Easter tradition and photo.


  3. Tammy

    What a fun tradition! I love your easter tree and those beautiful decorated eggs!


  4. I like the way the bright colors of the eggs contrast with the yellow and black of the bush.


  5. A wonderful tradition and a fabulous photo! Good thinking to substitute the silk flowers so you can continue the tradition. Happy Easter season.


  6. Great shot. the blur is fantastic….happy Easter….


  7. Hooray for traditions. And hooray for you for carrying them on, even when obstacles arise 🙂 That’s a beautiful story and a beautiful image to go with it. The colors are so cheerful, the egg is so interestingly decorated, and the background bokeh or blur is lovely.


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