Week 15 – Wide Angle

The plan this week was to photograph our Town, Okotoks, AB, Canada, before sunrise, with all the street lights etc. So all week long, on my way back from work I have been looking at a particular spot that would be perfect for this. This morning I wake up to a heavy blanket of fog! Darn the weather. So back to the drawing board (at 5:30am!) and think of something else for this weeks theme. The below is the best of a morning driving around the back fields in heavy fog.



So after some more playing in PSE11 here is another take on the above photo; this time with a texture added.


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5 thoughts on “Week 15 – Wide Angle

  1. The fog makes for a lovely ethereal scene.


  2. Fog is so peaceful as long as one doesn’t have to travel far in it. A beautiful scene!


  3. Sorry for your disappointment but you got a great rebound image. Love being barely able to see the horse and tree.


  4. Fog make from some dramatic mysterious photos, doesn’t it? The silhouettes of the tree and the cow make this one.


  5. Tammy

    Love the mood the fog sets! The editied version looks almost like a painting!


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