Week 16 – Off Center

Tulips are one of my favourite spring flowers, and as it’s not quite Spring here in Alberta I felt the need to buy a few bunches this week. This then gave me the perfect subject for this weeks theme – Off Center.

Not too long ago I tried something similar with a Gerbera and it turned out much better than I had at first thought; so I decided to give it another go.

For this I created a little home studio of sorts in our downstairs flex room. A couple of black paper sheets, an upturned stock pot for a base and some natural light and voila – a little black background studio was created.

However, I couldn’t decide which shot I liked best for this theme, so I am showing my favourites from this little session.








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10 thoughts on “Week 16 – Off Center

  1. judiclark

    You are so creative! I can’t decide either… they are all wonderful. They could be framed and appear all around a single room.


  2. They are all lovely. I would love to see them put together in a collage.


  3. I have to pick the last image as my favorite, but great stuff on all of them.


  4. These are all so simple, so elegant–the black background allows every soft detail of the flowers to be shown to best advantage. Hard to choose faves, but I find the bottom one and the second from the top especially striking.


  5. Tammy

    I fell in love w/ your tulip series at the village…and these rank right up there with the others. I love the little view against that stark black background! Simplicity at it’s best!


  6. While they are all fitting to the theme, the last one is off the charts gorgeous.


  7. Simple and striking…the texture of the petals is so evident!


  8. These are gorgeous. My favourite is the third one. I just love the way the flower looks like it might be heading out of the frame and it has that little extra colour (of green) at the base. All stunning though.


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