Week 19 – Countryside

This is the countryside that surrounds my current hometown of Okotoks in Alberta, Canada.

Fields all around us with the Rocky Mountains in the background, which actually are a lot closer than it seems on this sunny spring afternoon. To think that a couple of weeks ago it snowed and today we had temperatures of +25C! As the saying goes here in Alberta: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change”. However, I do hope this warm weather is finally here to stay.



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10 thoughts on “Week 19 – Countryside

  1. Beautiful! Love the layered look of the landscape.


  2. Tammy

    Especially love the 2nd image…the golden tones against the blue mountains is a great color contrast and very striking!


  3. Love the layered look of the countryside from the warm fields to the cool mountains.


  4. We were in Alberta last summer: went up into Canmore from the Glacier area, drove back across the province. It’s so…VAST! It’s the best word that I can use. Here in New England, things are close. there–wide!


  5. So scenic! And very different terrain from what I have been used to in places I have lived – mostly Pacific Northwest, though now in Texas. I have visited Montana, which does resemble this, with the open plains and the mountains. So pretty!


  6. what picturesque landscape


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