Week 25 – Weather

Easy one this week, as it is currently Monsoon June here in Calgary, so plenty of weather around. Although all this rain is good for the garden and our water butts, I must say that I now had enough wet weather and would like to order some sunshine please.




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10 thoughts on “Week 25 – Weather

  1. That’s one beautiful stormy day!


  2. judiclark

    You’ve captured this perfectly. (I’ll try to blow some hot air to the north!)


  3. Gorgeous capture of the stormy weather.


  4. The top one is so dramatic; the bottom reflects the steady peace of drumming rain.


  5. The greyness of the rainy weather has been well captured! Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!


  6. Love the drama you captured with the rain bands streaming down!


  7. Tammy

    Storms bring out such beauty and you captured it perfectly!


  8. I hope you have weather sealing on your camera. Smashing storm images, I love the unusual compositions.


    • Thank you Ivor, thankfully I was stood on our covered front porch, so the camera was all nice and dry there.


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