Week 26 – Reflections

Now normally I plan ahead for each theme. I decide what I might want to shoot for the theme, where and when and usually follow that theme. This week was no exception, I had it all planned out: go to our local storm pond and get some reflective photos during today. However, that plan changed rapidly on Thursday night. 

Some of you may have seen in the news that Southern Alberta in Canada had some very severe flooding, which started in our Town of Okotoks during Wednesday night. By Thursday lunchtime the Sheep River had broken its banks and our old town center was starting to get flooded. My husband spent all Thursday volunteering and diverting local traffic in the affected areas. By the evening it became clear that Okotoks had escaped some serious flooding when compared to our neighbouring town of High River, where people had to take to their roofs to escape and be rescued from. All of High River had to be evacuated and the military have moved in to assist. 

The international news have centered on Calgary and Canmore though. Both myself and my husband work in Calgary and we spend a lot of time in the city as a family. Seeing this beautiful city of ours under water is just crushing. I am especially saddened to see our great zoo totally submerged as it sits on an island in one of the city’s two rivers. Thankfully all the animals have been moved to higher ground in the zoo, but there is a lot of water damage everywhere. As most of you know, I do most of my photography at this zoo and have gotten to know the animals and some of the keepers over the last year or so. 

So, where am I going with all this and this weeks theme? Seeing what people are going through (especially as there are a few fatalities) and the heartache of losing everything and having to start all over again, it made me reflect on how fortunate as a family we are that we have not been affected by the tragic events around us. I am thankful that all our friends affected are safe and that our family does not have to worry about our safety and wellbeing. Instead we are able to help where we can.

So to portrait that reflection on my family I have created a collage of my immediate family: our beautiful daughter Mandy, my husband Warren and my parents and my sister (all three of whom live in Germany).


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9 thoughts on “Week 26 – Reflections

  1. Glad you and yours are safe. Praying for all.


  2. To reflect upon those near and dear to us is the best reflection of all. Beautiful collage, and so happy you are all safe from the flood waters.


  3. Lovely tribute to your beautiful family & wonderful job on the presentation.


  4. My husband and I were in Canmore last summer. We stayed at a wonderful campground there and completely enjoyed our time there. We saw the photos and videos of Canmore & Calgary, we were just shocked. I am so sorry to hear about the devastation. I hope you are able to recover quickly. Your reflection on what is important is beautiful.


  5. Tammy

    so sorry about the flooding…we went thru that 2 years ago and it is not fun! Praying for safety for your area! Lovely tribute to what matters most in life!


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