Week 27 – Food

I look forward to summer each year, as most people do, but not just because it means the end of snow for us and the start of nice warm weather. No, my favourite part of summer is the fact that cherries are in season. Cherries are my most favourite summer fruit of all and if allowed, I would eat them all day long. 

Now, until we moved to Canada I had never tasted, what is now my favourite variety of cherry – the Rainier Cherry. These cherries are predominantly grown in Washington State, but also here in Canada in British Columbia. The Rainier Cherry is unlike any other cherry; it’s light in colour, inside and out, and is the sweetest cherry grown today. 


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14 thoughts on “Week 27 – Food

  1. Oh, they look delicious. Great composition and I love the colours of those cherries, like a Canadian autumn.


    • Thanks Ivory, you’re right about the colours. It hadn’t occurred to me until you mentioned it. Thanks!


  2. Beautiful still life.
    We have the Door County tart cherries in our neighborhood. They make the very best pie.


    • Thanks Lois & John. Door Country tart cherries sound interesting, wonder if they are similar to our Choke Cherries, which we grow in our garden .


  3. You have me wanting to try those cherries – I definitely have not seen any of those color in my area (Connecticut).


    • Thanks Andy, they seems to be available only for a rather short time, so finding these might be tricky!


  4. Tammy

    Oh yummm….love the lighting and the colors


  5. I’ve never tried this variety…your photo makes me want to go out immediately and buy some. Love the way you’ve photographed these…super job in all aspects.


  6. judiclark

    This still life is perfectly done! Love the way you have some of the cherries hanging off the side of the bowl… and the colors… perhaps the flavor of these cherries were truly inspirational.


  7. This should be on the front cover of a food magazine. It makes you want to reach in and grab a cherry. Bold, brilliant and bright colours and I just love the cherries that are dangling out of the bowl. awesome.


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