Week 28 – Art/Music

I am really lucky. Why you ask? I am married to someone who’s artistic painting and drawing skills go way beyond my stick-man attempts (which, by the way, are bad). My husband has always been painting, sketching and drawing. I think he has almost tried every painting medium there is. I remember when we first met, almost 24 years ago, he was into watercolours and chalks. Over the years he has developed a real eye for detail, which shows in his pencil drawings. However, my most favourite of all art pieces of his is the oil painting I had asked him to do for me a year or so ago. It’s Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City looking at it from the Ponte Sant’ Angelo Bridge (the Bridge of Angels) at sunset. I had visited Rome back in 2005 and this was by far my most favourite outlook whilst in Rome.

His first attempt looked very good in my eyes, but my husband just didn’t like it all that much after painting the bridge, so he started afresh and the below collage shows the final painting and some of it’s details.

Needless to say, this painting hangs in pride of place in our house; not where everyone that comes into our home can see it strangely enough. I wanted it to hang somewhere where I would see it every morning before I left the house for work; so it hangs over the staircase, and each morning I see it and pass under it and it just makes my day that little nicer!


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5 thoughts on “Week 28 – Art/Music

  1. Love these colors! It would make my day brighter too. You ARE lucky.


    • Thank you Judi, glad you like it. It’s the colours that do it for me and the memory have a fab 5 days in my favourite place.


  2. Beautiful! The composition and colors are fantastic!


  3. WOW! Talent indeed. What a stunning picture


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