Alaska – Strange things to get excited about!

Who would have thought that I would ever get excited about camping gear! As I said in a previous post, I don’t really do camping and you wouldn’t ever see me in an Outdoor Sports/Camping shop (unless dragged in by my long suffering husband). However, today was different – I went and bought my last bits and pieces for my trip. Most of the stuff I am taking we already own, but there were a few things I needed to buy. The shopping list consisted of the following items: Bear spray, mosquito net, small foldable table, camp mirror and most exciting of all the stackable cocking set!

So, let’s talk bear spray. For those of you who do not live in a country that has wild bears, this is essential to travelling in bear country. Now, I have no plans to get up close and personal with a bear, but you just never know and if this helps to keep them off me long enough for me to make a mad dash to my car, then I’ll be thankful I bought it.

Below are a couple of photos of the newly acquired cooking set that I am so excited about. As you can see, it has two pots, a frying pan, two lids with built in strainers, 4 plates and 4 cups. The bag doubles up as a washing up bowl; and all this fits neatly into the big pot and then into the bag. That’s what I call space saving.

The foldable table I was after just didn’t turn out to be what I was looking for at that particular shop. As it happens, I found one in Walmart of all places (you can just see the top of it in the photos).





And here is something my lovely husband bought for me the other week. My very own Snap On tools set! I must say, I am rather taken with this too, so nice and new and shiny! I know that this will come in really handy.



Only 19 days until I leave and still some research to be done, but I am really enjoying getting ready for this trip of a lifetime.


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11 thoughts on “Alaska – Strange things to get excited about!

  1. Over a decade living in this remote cabin and I have three frying pans, one tea pot and the stove has been a Coleman camp stove since i arrived. I do appreciate the thought of “new” cooking gear though. As far as bear spray…sorry I prefer my 44 for close of luck.


    • Hi Pete, wow remote cabin living. Not sure I could do that to be honest – kudos.
      I must admit, that if I were to live out there I would get myself a gun/rifle, but as I am only travelling as a tourist and have no intentions to be off the beaten track, no gun is required. We’ll see lol


  2. Nice shiny new gear. I am envious of the Snap On set.

    I traveled around the world a few years ago and ended up taking far too much stuff with me. Most of it I gave away on my travels. I just wish that instead of all that I had had my current camera with me instead of the 35mm compact. Digital cameras were new technology back then though. Enjoy the trip when it arrives.


    • Thanks Ivor, would love to hear more about your trip around the world – something we are yet to do.
      I know the feeling of taking way too much; my husband has a habit of taking the kitchen sink whenever we go tenting. As I am car camping, and I have a relatively normal sized car, I am mindful that I only want to take the necessities and no kitchen sink in sight!


  3. Jean Roberts

    My husband and I have traveled the world with no definite plans except our plane tickets. I think you are over planning this trip. We drove some of Alaska in a motor home with just a general direction and no fixed plans. Go with the flow. If someone at a campground tells you about another great place, then go. Bear sighting, run towards, not away. Have fun, and talk to everyone.


    • Hi Jean, thanks for checking out my blog. Horses for courses I guess. I only have just over 3 weeks and I am planning on taking in as much as I possibly can; for me that requires some planning, especially as part of my trip I have a few ferry trips to make, which had to be booked in advance to guarantee a spot for the car (especially as the longest ferry ride only goes twice a month). Despite the plans I do have a lot of flexibility in my itinerary, so best of both worlds in my eyes. Running towards bears is not something I am planning on to be honest. I’d rather observe them from a safe distance lol


  4. Yes, bear spray is important. We were camping in Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies last summer. On one trail, we met a ranger who asked my to demonstrate how I’d deploy my bear spray. I whipped it out–and fond it was pointed straight at my own face! So practice first…


    • Lol thanks for that tip! I can just imagine the Rangers face – too funny. Did you in the end convince him that you knew how to use the spray?
      I will get in-depth training from my husband before I go, just to be on the safe side!


  5. Love the shiny new gear and very envious of your adventure.


  6. Warren Torkington

    Go on simone, you can do it, grab it and don’t let go.


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