Alaska – Some preparations are more dangerous than others or The Tale of the Tent

Preparations for my upcoming trip are at an all time high. So far I have managed to set up all 25 days in my GPS (took way longer than I expected!), bought everything I need and gathered some equipment. However, most importantly, I have practiced my tent set up, which is far more dangerous than I thought.

Now, you might not associate tent set up and take down with danger, unless of course, like me, you own a pop up tent. This brings a whole new dimension to this seemingly harmless activity. Imagine the scene (and those of you that know us, will do so easily I am sure): two grown adults in the basement (it was raining so the back garden was out of bounce that evening) with a tent in the form of a disk in front of them. As my ever practical husband had used this particular tent last year I assumed he would be an expert at this. Turns out it took him a few goes before he remembered how this was done properly. To prepare for this exercise I had previously watched the not so helpful video of the makers of said pop up tent. Not so helpful in the sense that the demonstration of taking down the tent was filmed from the wrong angle (in my humble opinion) and not in slow motion. What you see does not represent anything you can actually copy in real life. Anyways, after the husband had mastered the art of the take down it was my turn. Gathering the tent poles in one hand proved easy, standing the whole thing on its end to make a tube, also easy; not so easy was trying to keep the tube from twisting in the wrong manner and persuading it to fold down into a disk. Attempts 1 to 5 we won’t mention, suffice it to say it was free entertainment for my husband. Attempts 6-9 went a little better and finally at number 10 I had the tent into a disk. Now that in itself is not actually the dangerous part I am referring to in my title of this post; although it should be said that if the tube gets away from you it could pose a problem if you don’t quickly get it under control. The real danger is actually releasing the tent from its disk shape. So there I am holding on as tight as I can to the disk whilst removing the rubber band it is held together with. Gripping the sides of the disk I prepare to hurl (and yes, that is the only word to properly describe what is about to happen here!) the disk into the air as far away from me as I can, which isn’t very far given that we are in the basement. I have discovered that if I am too slow in stepping away from the self releasing tent I will get said tent popping up right in my face – not a good look I think. I am sure with practice this might get easier, but I am not holding my breath.

So, if you happen to be on a campground in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon or Alaska over the next month or so, look out for the free entertainment that will be provided by yours truly and her pop up tent!

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10 thoughts on “Alaska – Some preparations are more dangerous than others or The Tale of the Tent

  1. I’m sure that was a sight to see! It also reminds me why I’m not a camper.


  2. Good posting…I hope you fair better out in the woods.


  3. Have you thought about sleeping in your car? This sounds like a lot of fun that could start turning ugly! On the other hand, just keep practising until you can do it with your eyes shut…..


    • Thanks jackscrap I actually have the car sleeping as my back up plan for those times when I just had enough of the tent or there are too many animals (big and small) around.


  4. Have a great time!!!


  5. Oh man I wish there were photos to accompany this post! too funny


    • I am rather glad there isn’t any photographic evidence of my pathetic attempts; although I am sure the rest of you would have loved them.


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