Alaska – Mile 0

Despite my efforts in putting up my tent last night I had to take it down again due to severe thunderstorms. Happy to report the tent take down took less than 10 minutes, so all that training paid off (thanks Warren!). Yes, so my first night was spent sleeping in the car. It was the best option as I would have gotten drenched in my little tent. So hoping for better tonight, although we do have some rain forecast, but no severe weather warnings. Additionally, I have the cover of some trees at this particular site, so should be a lot more protected from the rain.   Today I reached a major milestone on my journey – I have made it to Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway. Mile 0 is located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada and is celebrated not just by a big sign telling you about it, no, they also have a monument in their town center to celebrate this engineering feat.   I spent an hour or so doing a self guided walking tour around downtown Dawson Creek and it has some great local history. They seem to be very fond of painted wall murals here, as there are a dozen or so dotted around the town depicting their pioneer days.   One other strange thing I came across on my journey today was the world’s largest Beaver statue in, wait for it, Beaverlodge, which is about an hour south of Dawson Creek. Apparently tomorrow is the day to see the world’s largest golf ball in Taylor.  I might put pictures of both these giants up next time.   In the meantime, I will try and get myself ready for a cozy night in my tent reading some good books



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4 thoughts on “Alaska – Mile 0

  1. Glad to hear that you won the tent wrangling competition in time to get in your car and out of the rain.


  2. Thanks, awesome post!


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