Alaska – Update from Muncho Lake, BC

It seems that rain is the order of the day (and night) at the moment. I left Fort Nelson this morning under heavy clouds and lots of rain. The drive today was outstanding, getting into the Northern Rockies meant lots of bends and curves, steep grades up and down and the scenery has changed to deep forest. The clouds were so low that at one point you couldn’t see ahead of you – that made for some interesting driving! The photo below shows just how much cloud there was about this morning. Notice the road in the bottom right hand corner of the photo – that’s what I had to get down to.



So far, I have seen very little wildlife. I am sure the moose and bear are hiding just behind the tree line and laughing themselves silly at me! I did see some Dall Sheep climbing up the side of a mountain. I am sure I will have plenty of opportunity to make up for the lack of wild animals in the weeks to come.

Today’s stop is at the Northern Rockies Lodge, right at Muncho Lake. The lake, as you can see below, is a beautiful deep green/blue,  It is 7 miles/11 km long, 1 mile/1.6 km wide and sits at an elevation of 2,680 feet/817 m. The colour of the lake is attributed to copper oxide leaching into the lake. The lake is said to be the deepest in North America. Driving along side it is just beautiful and thankfully the sun came out just in time.


I am now in my hotel room at the lodge and it is so nice to be able to look forward to a proper bed (as I said before, I don’t really do camping) and no wet tent to content with.

Destination for tomorrow is the gateway to the Yukon – Watson Lake with a stop at the Laird River Hotsprings.

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10 thoughts on “Alaska – Update from Muncho Lake, BC

  1. Kat

    I hope you are having an amazing travel experience. Beautiful scenery. X


    • Thanks Kat, it’s great so far and have met some really great people. Can’t wait to get to Haines in Alaska though! xx


  2. The colour of the water in the lake is amazing! Hope you get to see some real wildlife soon.


    • Thank you jackscrap. The lake took my breath away when it suddenly appeared round a corner, I almost stopped the car right there on the road – thankfully I remembered to drive off onto a roadside turnout!


  3. That third image took my breath away. Really, such a place exists? wow


  4. You might want to plan on a camp (even though you prefer beds to tents) at Kluane lake, just passed Haines Junction. On the North side of the lake there is a small campground and if the sun is out a great view.


    • Hi Pete, thanks for that tip, wish I had the time, I am in Whitehorse today and then over to Haines, where I have booked a B&B.


  5. Beautiful!


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