Alaska – News from the road

Wildlife does exist out here and I have photographic evidence!

Just north of the Liard Hot Springs (which are so worth the visit) I finally saw the Bison that the highway sign way south had announced. The herd was just right by the road side munching away with no care. I am always amazed at how big these animals are and I understand from a fellow traveller, who I met at the Fort Nelson campground, they sure can shift fast when they want to (he was being chased by a Bison; it seemed it disliked his motorbike).


A little further north I finally saw my first wild bear. This black bear was staying in one place long enough for me to snap some photos. This particular photo is especially being uploaded for my friend Kat, who requested to photos – one bear and one whale (thankfully not in one picture!). I hope you enjoy this Kat as much as I did taking it.


Today I arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon and I have to confess that I am currently sitting in a hotel typing this. After my depressing night last night in Watson Lake I just needed to get back to civilization. The campground last night was just depressing for various reasons. I had one of those nights where I had to give myself a severe talking to, as otherwise I would have packed up and driven all the way home. I admit it; this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I miss my husband, daughter, our dogs and our home and the novelty of being alone on this trip is slowly wearing off. However, I am really looking forward to getting to Haines, where a B&B is awaiting me and a day trip over to Skagway. After that the car ferry will take me to Juneau where I am most excited about the whale watching trip I have booked. And lastly, my 2 day ferry trip across the Alaskan Gulf to Whittier, where I will be taking a Glacier Tour into Prince William Sound; so all of this is currently keeping me going. The other big decision I have made is to change my return route. The original plan was to go to Dawson City via the Top of the World Highway and then make my way back to Alberta. However, my desire to go home and spend some of my time off with my family has meant that I will be going from Anchorage to Tok, then onwards to Whitehorse, Northern Rockies at Muncho Lake, Dawson Creek and then home to Okotoks via Jasper. This will shorten my trip by about 4-5 days.

On the bright side, I haven’t been eaten by a bear, attacked by a cougar, trampled by a moose, rammed by a bison, run over by another motorist, or crashed the car thanks to a pothole on the highway! So all in all, things are good!

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2 thoughts on “Alaska – News from the road

  1. Kat

    Thank you so much for the photo the bear looks amazing. Don’t rush your decision to return when you are so near Dawson City. I know home is where the heart is but god knows when you will visit these places again. Safe travels my friend. X


    • Thanks Kat, I know what you mean, but I think I have made my mind up to head home after Anchorage. I still have done what I dreamed off all these years ago and that is all I can ask for. See you when I get back! xx


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