Farewell Alaska, you stole my heart and hello open road (no stealing of hearts here!)

I am sorry I have not posted an update in 3 days, but I just did not have any internet connection up until this evening.

As per my last Alaska update, I left Anchorage on Saturday and was planning on staying in Tok (pronounced as in poke) for the night, but for some reason I felt the pull and it pulled me all the way over the border, back into Canada and into Destruction Bay (yes, that really is a place name!). Now, I have no photos of the place, but let me give you some facts about the place. It has a population of only 55 and only has one motel, the Talbot Arm Motel, which is comprised of a motel (the name is such a giveaway, isn’t it?), gas station, tire repair shop, full service restaurant and bar and a small shop where you can buy snacks, drinks and souvenirs. Destruction Bay is located on Kluane Lake and grew out of the building of the Alaskan Highway. It’s name apparently came from when a storm destroyed buildings and materials.

Day 2 of the long drive home had me overnighting back at Muncho Lake. The Northern Rockies Lodge is just fab and the staff there are excellent. So here is another photo from this morning, as I left the Muncho Lake area.



Day 3 (today) saw me going to Dawson Creek and then swing south to Prince George, as I really didn’t fancy the boring drive to Edmonton and from there to Calgary. So instead I will be using the Yellowhead Highway to Jasper and then the Icefields Parkway, which apparently, according to the Milepost, is one of Northern America’s scenic driving routes.

On my way down here to Prince George I had the pleasure of driving through Chetwynd, which used to be named Little Prairie. The reason I stopped there quickly this evening is due to all the chain saw sculptures, which are lining the main route through and a large number of them are positioned by the Visitor’s Center. Due to the huge amount of these sculptures Chetwynd is now known as the Chain Saw Carving Capital of the World.  Here are some examples of what can be found in this small town.

IMG_9591_edited-2 IMG_9595_edited-2 IMG_9597_edited-2

So Prince George is my stopover for tonight. After more than 12 hours of driving it took me three goes to find a hotel that had a room, but oh what a room it is! I am at the Ramada, which is currently being renovated, and I have one of their new rooms, all in sleek black and lush carpets etc. There was a reason that hotels number one and two were full! Having just had a very late dinner, thanks to room service, I am now ready to rest for the night. However, quick write up of Prince George. It started life as Fort George, which was established in the 1800s through the North West Trading Co. It was changed to Prince George in 1915. It is almost geographically in the middle of its Province, British Columbia.

And with that I shall say goodnight and I will post again once I am home!


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4 thoughts on “Farewell Alaska, you stole my heart and hello open road (no stealing of hearts here!)

  1. That mountain shot is stunning. It goes to show that a landscape doesn’t always need foreground interest. Brilliant!


  2. That top one is absolutely iconic.


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