Week 34 – Barren

This was a tricky one for me as I haven’t really had a chance to go out to find a suitable subject, so I am borrowing from my last day on the road this week. The picture below is one of the many barren mountain faces to be seen along the Icefields Parkway. Now, I am stretching this one a little bit, as although this mountain has a barren rock face, it really is far from barren, as a lot of mosses and lichens grow on these mountains not to mention some of the animals that prefer this environment (Stone Sheep for instance).

For those of you that have followed me on my Alaska road trip, you will have already read my account of this beautiful drive, but I thought I would give some more facts about this highway.

The Icefields Parkway is part of the National Park system of Canada and as part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This road stretches 232 km/144 miles between Jasper and Lake Louise, and no commercial traffic is allowed on this route. The highest part of the route is the Bow Pass at 2,068 meters/6,785 feet. The parkway was built in the 1930’s as an unemployment project and workers received $0.20 a day. During summer about 100,000 vehicles a month drive along this route, which is open year round and requires every vehicle/motorbike to have a valid National Parks Pass. On this extremely scenic drive you will pass 7 icefields and 25 glaciers. Ensure you have enough petrol in your tank, as there is only 1 petrol station along the route. Oh and as for cell phone service, don’t bother, a) there is no service, but most importantly b) you won’t have time as you’ll be busy enjoying the scenery and the wildlife.


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6 thoughts on “Week 34 – Barren

  1. Beautiful scene and toning.


  2. An impressive sight made into a spectacular photo by dint of the golden light.


  3. I like the warmth of the photo.


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