Things I have learned/realized on my road trip and some Thank You’s

Besides my travel blog on Alaska I also kept a handwritten diary (I know, very old-fashioned, but I like it) of my daily activities. Halfway through the trip I penned an entry listing some of the things I had learned or come to realize so far. I thought I would share these and add some items from the second half of the Alaska trip.

Now these are all in a totally random order, so please forgive me if we jump around from subject to subject here (however, should make things more interesting).

1. The Alaskan Highway is nowhere near as bad to drive as people and some books would have you believe. I feel that I need to qualify this though. I did travel in a car, not a truck pulling an RV or driving  a motor home that is almost the size of a small house or ride a motorbike where you eat enough bugs that somebody might charge you for the extra protein you are consuming. Yes there are potholes, and plenty of them, but avoiding them became easy after a while and you soon get used to not seeing another vehicle on the road for up to an hour at a time. Really – it’s not bad.

2. Travelling alone has its merits (no backseat drivers, eat and sleep when you want, no arguments about the music or the directions – you get my drift), however, travelling with good company is better. Sharing a great moment with someone you like and/or love is just priceless and I missed that.

3. A sockeye salmon has no spots.

4. Wildlife is not as abundant along most highways as some travel books tell you. Apparently animals don’t wait by the highways for a car to approach and then come out and pose for you – strange that!

5. Tenting is definitely not for me!

6. Living in Alberta means that we are some ways away from the ocean. I missed the ocean, or any open waters for that matter.

7. I took way too many clothes.

8. This journey was no more dangerous than crossing a busy road. Despite some people telling me (and my husband) that I would be eaten by a bear, or mauled by a cougar, trampled by a moose or have a car accident, I managed to return unscathed, in one piece and no damage to the car.

9. I am capable of writing a journal/blog.

10. Haines, Alaska is far more beautiful than I had imagined.

11. Sea Otters are as cute in real life as they look on the TV.

12. I enjoyed Juneau more than I anticipated, so much so, that I would like to go back there (and to Haines). However, this time I would fly and take my husband.

13. Alaska got to me, in a good way.

14. I don’t mind my own company. Just as well, as I was on my own for nearly 3 weeks.

15. I missed my family and home more than I thought I would.

16. I don’t like salmon (or any seafood unless it’s haddock or cod) no matter how fresh and good it is.

17. You meet the most interesting and strangest people when travelling alone.

18. Seeing whales was the most incredible thing I experienced on this trip. It is easily my most favourite part and made everything worth it. As I said when I spotted my first humpback that day – I can now happily die.

That’s it really. Nothing too earth shattering, but nonetheless important to me in some ways.

I am still trying to find other subjects to write about on my blog and came up with “It’s a dog’s life”, writing from the perspective of our two Westie dogs Coco and Diva – it’s still under consideration and we’ll see what happens.

For now though I think this is my last Alaska entry – sorry folks! I want to thank everyone that followed me on this trip; for your kind words and your encouragement. I never thought that anybody would find my ramblings of any interest at all – so THANK YOU!

The last thank you however should go to my husband Warren. Thank you for letting me go on this journey alone, for never questioning why I needed to do this, for helping me with my kit, for your patience with practicing the tent set up and take down, for all your practical advice and for always being there at the end of a phone line when I needed you!



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11 thoughts on “Things I have learned/realized on my road trip and some Thank You’s

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Every journey should enhance what we know about ourselves and the world. (PS–I have kept a hand written journal since I was 17; I’m 60 now.)


  2. Glad you enjoyed the trip, and thanks for sharing the journey. I’ve enjoyed following it.


  3. THANK YOU for your trip! You have inspired me. Truly. I have a vacation this month and I have decided to go camping alone. It has been over 20 years since I last went tent camping and last week I bought tent, sleeping bag, air mattress & pump, tiny lantern, cooler and backpack. Tomorrow I am going to try everything out by camping on the Colorado River; and then on the 14th I’m heading north and will camp in the Hualapi Mountains, then onto the Grand Canyon for 2 nights and then to Moab, Utah and then possibly camp near Sedona on my way back home. I am so excited. Yes, it would be better to have company but since the other half doesn’t want to go… and since we can’t afford to stay in hotels for a week, which is the only way he would go… then this is the perfect solution. I don’t think I would have thought of it if I had not been following your blog. So, THANK YOU!


    • Wow Judi!! I am so glad you enjoyed following me on my trip to Alaska and even more astonished that I have inspired you to go it alone! Trust me, you will not regret it. Your trip sounds like a great one and I wish I could come along! Make sure you post some photos, as I would love to see what your adventure looks like. Have fun and most importantly, savour every moment!!!


      • I promise to post photos (but only after I get home)… and to savor every moment. I hope I keep a journal like you did, but I’m rather bad at doing that… especially if I don’t have a keyboard at my disposal. It will be the first time tent camping in about 25 years but I grew up tent camping and stayed at it well into adulthood, so I aspect it to inspire me to camp more in the future. I also look forward to the challenge of going off by myself. Carl & I have been tied at the hip for the last 20 years… I need to do this. He needs me to do this. So, again, THANK YOU!


  4. Simone – you are amazing! # 8 made me smile and I am with you 100% on #18! One time a humpback whale followed us as we made our way in my dad’s boat from Homer to Seldovia. It was surreal and astounding. Blessings!


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