Week 35 – Transportation (or an ode the my car)

The below is a detail photo of my car. To a lot of people a car is, well, a car, to get them from A to B without breaking down hopefully; but to quite a few others a car is just so much more than that.

I have always loved cars, despite the fact that my parents didn’t drive and therefore we, as a family, never possessed a car. So I am not sure how it is that I have such an interest in them. Like most people who love cars, I especially like the fast and sporty and inevitably expensive, and therefore out of my reach kind of cars. I also really like to old and classic ones, but again, expensive and out of my reach. Last year, when I had decided to do a road trip from Canada to Alaska on my own, it was time to buy a new car. Initially the plan was to go for a sensible SUV kind of vehicle and after much looking, trying out, sitting in and testing driving, with the help of my trusted mechanic (i.e. my husband), I had found none of them to my (or his) liking. The last stop for that evening was the Mitsubishi dealership. We started off by looking at their SUV, taking it for a test drive, and deciding that this was a no-go. It just was soooo boring to drive, and took ages to get anywhere. Next test drive was in a Lancer, a bit better, but still boring. So the salesman took us out in Lancer Rallyart as well as the Evo, both of which were much much much better. The Evo alas, was out of my price range at that time and after much deliberation I settled on the Rallyart. To say that I love my car is probably an understatement, as my husband would testify.  Now, I could bore you all with the technical specs that car lovers just love to spout out to prove that they know what they are talking about, but I won’t bother; if you really want to know (which I doubt very much) just google it.

This car has taken me nearly 7,000 km/4,350 miles to Alaska and back through high mountain passes shrouded in clouds, down into valleys, along rivers and lakes, past glaciers and icefields and along the famous Alaska Highway without any problem whatsoever. It has been my trusty companion over 2 1/2 weeks on the road on my own. I have had conversations with it, admittedly they were very one-sided, and we have played the eye-spy game, another one-sided affair. Before I set out on this trip people told me and my husband that I would never make it, especially not in this car. Apparently the wide believe was that one needed a 4×4 to drive to Alaska, not this sporty 4-door model. Well, I am glad to have proven them wrong. This car was just perfect for the task, it coped extremely well with all the potholes and gravel that are to be found on the northern highways, it loved all the bends and curves, after all, that is what it was made for!

One thing eludes me though – a fitting name for this trusty steed of mine. I have racked my brain during the trip and afterwards, and still I have not found anything that describes this vehicle adequately or sounds punchy enough. I guess more brainstorming is required, after all, every car should have a name.

So, here is to my nameless car – thank you for driving me safely through my lifetime dream, making it possible for me to see all the things I thought I would never see!



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4 thoughts on “Week 35 – Transportation (or an ode the my car)

  1. We tend to get attached to our vehicles, and name them also.


    • What names have you had in the past for your cars? I am still in search for the right name for my car, so any inspiration is gratefully received.


  2. Sleek–B&W makes it feel even more streamlined.


    • Thank you, I thought it looked pretty sleek to start with, but the conversion brought it out even more. Glad you like it.


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