Week 39 – Autumn

Confession time – I am behind by about a week on my weekly photo challenge!

But wait, there is more: I am using a photo that I did not take this week, last week or even last year. Let the photo challenge police come and do their worst!

I just didn’t get a chance to go out and photograph anything meaningful last week and unfortunately this weekend I have just felt – well, as my teenager daughter would put it – meh. I think I have the end of summer, the winter is nearly here kind of blues. I cannot believe that another summer has passed and as always, there are so many things we say to ourselves “this year I will do….” and then this years summer is gone and whatever it was just didn’t get done. So, I am feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with myself.

In general, I don’t do very well outside of the summer season (yes I can hear my friends shouting now “Why did you move to Canada then?”). Anyways, when I thought about the autumn theme I knew that I had already taken the perfect photo for this – 5 years ago. The photo below is of our daughter Mandy, who was 10 at the time this was taken, in the English Lake District in October 2007. Mandy and her dad had gone to the Lakes (as it’s called in the UK) for a week during the October half term. I had to work during the week, but joined them for the weekend. We always had a lot of favourite places to go to in the Lakes, and one of them is Pooley Bridge, a small village in Cumbria at one end of Lake Ullswater. We were just walking along the main road through the village, having just been at the lake, when we came across a mountain of leaves by the roadside. Now, most kids and adults alike would not be able to resist the temptation to either kick the mountain of leaves or, as our daughter did, pick up as much as you can and through it in the air. I restrained myself from joining in and pulled my camera out to take a few snapshots. This is my favourite one.

Undeniably, autumn is here in Southern Alberta and there is no hiding from it and the inevitable winter that will follow.

Picture 312_edited-1

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4 thoughts on “Week 39 – Autumn

  1. A perfect autumn photo. Autumn is our favorite time of year with the cool crisp air and the crunch of leaves from the colorful trees underfoot.


  2. I like the sequence of colors.


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