Balloons, balloons and, you guessed it, some more balloons

I discovered last week, quite by accident I might add, that the 2013 Canadian Hot Air Balloon Championships were in our neighbouring town of High River, AB.  On the Friday evening the public glow event was scheduled to take place. Thankfully I discovered all this Friday afternoon and decided to take the camera and husband and drive over to High River.

The first challenge we had was to find the event. Our local paper had written that it was taking place in the Little Bow Campground (implying that everyone obviously knew exactly where in town this was, as no further directions were given), so I started to search for it on Google Maps, as neither my husband nor I really know High River that well. The first searches gave us a campground around 1 1/2 hrs away – clearly not the place we needed, after all, High River is only a 20 minutes drive from us. So, the laptop comes out, as I am convinced that I mistyped something on my phone when searching for the elusive campground. The first searches turned up the same results, and it wasn’t until I did a search on the Alberta Parks and Campground sites that I found what I was looking for (a U2 song springs to mind here, but I am digressing). So, suitably suited and booted I was armed with the tripod, camera,including a memory card (don’t ask, but I am sure you can guess what must have happened on a previous outing!) and my husband. Despite all the location research and using our GPS, we still did not reach the desired location. Thankfully a helpful local pointed us in the right direction. We arrived to see a pink elephant balloon making its way to the upright position; not something I ever thought I would be saying, to be honest. Bizarrely enough though, it was right next to Darth Vada. Now I could swear that at that point those were the only two balloons we saw on the grounds. A little disappointed we went to get a hot dog and then worked our way back through the crowds. Suddenly there were about 10 balloons – I have no idea where they came from, perhaps accessing the grounds from the back? After some setting up, the public was allowed to go and mingle amongst the balloons. Thankfully the weather was on our side for that evening, so no balloons or people got into any trouble. It was a great evening and I was glad to have made the snap decision to attend the event.

IMG_0418 IMG_0437_edited-2 IMG_0403_edited-1

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4 thoughts on “Balloons, balloons and, you guessed it, some more balloons

  1. Great color, great shots … a hot air balloon event is on my bucket list!!


  2. Love seeing the evening glow shows that the hot air balloons put on.


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