Week 40 – Numbers

As most of you know by now, I love history, whether its the history of a place I am visiting or history in general – I just love it. I usually try and find out the history about either an event, a place or a person, so this weeks theme had me scratching my head for the past week. Numbers, I mean, I know numbers have a history and all that, but how to photograph it to be something meaningful to me? So I had a look on the internet for some inspiration. I saw all kinds of images of numbers, some more interesting than others. I decided to play around with our set of dominoes and am happy with the final image below.

As ever, I decided to find out where the game of dominoes comes from. It is generally believed that the Chinese invented the game by evolving it from a game of dice in the 12th century. In Europe they didn’t appear until the early 18th century in Italy and spread from there to the rest of Europe throughout the remainder of the 1700’s, becoming one of the most popular games in both family parlors and pubs alike.  A “domino” is a kind of hood, which was worn by Christian priests; it had black dots on a white background and it is thought that the word for the popular game was derived from this.

Dominoes is played all across the world and is particularly popular in Latin America, where it is considered the national game of many Caribbean countries. I learned to play the game of 5s and 3s back in the UK when we moved to North Yorkshire. The local pub had an active social life and playing cribbage, darts, quoits, quizzes and dominoes was all part of being in that community. I must admit that I wasn’t the best at this game, the strategy of the game escaped me for a while, but once I got that figured out I really enjoyed playing. As ever in a pub, most games are played for money, in this case it was the princely sum of fifty pence a go (remembering that this was 15 years ago now!).

These days we just play the simple straight forward kind, but that is still as much fun as 5s and 3s.



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7 thoughts on “Week 40 – Numbers

  1. Love the soft B&W tone, selective focus. Minimalist, but warm.


  2. Love the simplicity of the photo.


  3. I haven’t had a game of dominoes for many, many years. The first time I played (I was 12) I won a tournament!

    Was it Dominican monks that had the spotty hoods? I had often wondered about the etymology of the game’s name, but had never looked it up.

    It’s fantastic subject matter, but the way. Did you spend forever getting the composition just right for that super shot? I end up playing for ages rearranging still life objects and changing the camera angle before I am happy.


    • Just looked up the etymology – not the Dominican order! 😀


      • Hi Ivor! Thanks for checking out my photo entry this week. To be honest, this one didn’t take me long at all to compose. I just stacked them and tried a few different angles before I got what I wanted and was happy with. Like you though, I can sometimes spend an inordinate amount of time shifting the still life items around!
        You should try and play again, it’s amazing how much fun such a simple game can be.


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