Week 43 – Friendship/Love

Friendship bracelets – we have all seen them and most of them have probably worn one at one point or another in our life, but where did they come from?

Some research reveals that friendship bracelets are apparently descendant from the indian crafts in Central America and appeared first in USA in 1970s. The majority of bracelets are made by using the half hitch knot, which comes from the art of macramé, a craft of tying knots to create intricate patterns. Macramé is said to have developed in 13th-century Arabia, where weavers are thought to have started creating knotted patterns with the fringe at the edges of items made on a loom. The practice eventually traveled to Italy and France in the centuries that followed and became very popular in Britain in the 19th century.

Some of the earliest decorative knots still in existence today are from China from around 481 to 221 B.C.

Now, if you are a parent of a girl (or a boy – god forbid I forget the boys in all of this!), it is almost guaranteed that you will be wearing one of these bracelets made by the fair hands of your child. I know we had many different types and colours over the years all made by our daughter. I remember having to go online when she was around six or so, to try to find a website to show me how to make these, as for the life of me I just couldn’t remember! So there I was with balls of different coloured yarn around me, laptop on my knees, trying to get these knots to look just like they did on the website. I must have sat there for hours fighting with bits of yarn, getting my fingers tied up, swearing under my breath and in general just making a pigs ear of it. After all that our daughter comes up, takes some bits of yarn and starts knotting away! You can imagine how I felt, right?

These days, you can get friendship bracelets in every shape and form, not just the hand-made kind, but in silver, gold, with or without yarn and other adornments.

One of my best friends gave me the one on the photo when they came to visit us from the UK in our second year here in Canada. I had just been released from hospital and had had a pretty bad time off it that year; so I guess the thought of having nearly lost me made my usually not so sentimental mate a little soft. I wear the bracelet almost every day, and apart from reminding me of my friend and all the fab times we have shared, it also reminds of a time in my life when I realized that life is short and unpredictable and we need to make the most of every day.


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4 thoughts on “Week 43 – Friendship/Love

  1. I, too, have sat in front of a webpage for hours trying to get my threads looking like something that my son could wear or possibly give away to a friend. They may have turned out shabby in the end, but they were made with love.


    • Good to know it’s not just me then! I am sure the bracelets turned out just fine, albeit having taken you an age to get right lol


  2. Beautifully detailed–this would work in a sleek glossy catalog.


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