Week 45 – Containers

So many containers to choose from and so many ways to showcase them.

I opted to show my jars of buttons. Ever since I can remember I have had a thing for buttons. Let me take you back to when I was  around 5 years old and sitting next to my mum while she is sewing some buttons onto something and being fascinated by all the different types she has in her sewing basket. I can see the basket now; it had 3 legs, a carrying handle, was just the right height when seated and seemed to be endlessly deep. Mum had quite a collection of different buttons, in all colours, shapes and sizes. I would sit there for hours sorting them into colours, or sizes, and every time Mum would go out to buy more buttons for another knitting project, I was allowed to sort the new buttons into the existing collection. I guess that is where my button collection comes from. I cannot bear to throw a button out, just in case it might be the perfect replacement for a lost comrade in the future. I also faithfully keep the spare buttons that come with your newly acquired clothing, you know the ones, sewn either onto the label or sitting in a neat little plastic bag. So there, I confess – I am a hoarder of buttons!

As ever, I had some fun creating different effects in Photoshop and then couldn’t decide on my favourite – so a collage it is!


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4 thoughts on “Week 45 – Containers

  1. I do like the colors and patterns in the collage of your button collection containers.


  2. My grandmother–who had been a seamstress for the very wealthy a hundred years ago–had a box of buttons that fascinated my when I was a child. I used to sew all the clothes for me and my children when they were small, and they loved to play with my box of buttons. Neither Grandma nor I ever had them organized! Love the way you used Depth of Field.


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