Going south – albeit a little late

It’s that time of year, and to be frank, it has been for some weeks now, where the Canada geese are leaving us for their summer quarters.

We are lucky enough to be living right in their flight path, both leaving for the south in the winter and coming north in the summer. For me, the sound of the geese has always been the sound of Canada. When we lived on the prairies 15 years ago with the British Military, the sound of geese was natures summer soundtrack for us. So when we moved into our current home in May 2009 I was excited to see geese fly straight over it on their way north.

Every winter we wave them off, telling them to “come back soon”, and every spring we shout “welcome back” to the returning flocks. We always know when the change of the season is upon us thanks to our geese.

The two photographed here were seemingly a little late, only leaving this past week for their southern vacation, as we have had snow since the start of this month it seemed strange to still see them here.

Now, as you know if you have followed me for a while, I love to research facts for my posts and it is no different with geese. So here are some interesting facts, some of which I didn’t know up until now:

1. Canada geese mate for life, unless one of the dies and then they re-mate.

2. They can see 180 degree vertically and horizontally.

3. If they survive their predators attempts at attack, they can live up to 24 years.

4. There are 11 subspecies, ranging from one of the largest in the world, to the smallest in the world.

5. They can travel up to 1,000 km in a day during migration, which means they could fly around the world in 40 days.

6. The female has a lower voice than the male.

7. 50 geese can produce 2 1/2 tons of excrement a year.

8. Their young stay with them for their first year, before leaving their parents.


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6 thoughts on “Going south – albeit a little late

  1. Nice capture and interesting facts.


  2. The Canada geese here in Connecticut have forgotten that they are supposed to go back to Canada in the summer and to go somewhere south in the winter. They have forgotten how to migrate. They migrated when we first moved here in 1978–I loved their haunting call as they winged south in October. But now, they stay. So we are WELL familiar with the stats on excrement.


  3. Tammy

    I’m with Bobbie….we still have quite a few geese around here, although I notice they are slowly leaving. I think it’s been too warm here! Great capture!


    • Thanks Tammy, we still seem to have stragglers here, as I keep hearing them pass over the house during the night. Mind you, our erratic weather, -15C in the morning and +10C in the afternoon, doesn’t help!


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