Writing is harder than I thought (or the tale of the accidental author)

No, not the actual act of picking up a pen and setting it on paper and forming letters and words – the act of organizing your thoughts into meaningful sentences, chapters, pages etc.

After my Alaskan adventure I decided to put my favourite photos of the trip into a photobook; easy peasy I thought, oh how wrong I was!

It started off as a photobook with text, but it is slowly turning into a book with photos. I have never really before thought about writing anything, least of all a book about a trip I have made. I guess it all began with my photo blog. I had originally set up my blog for the weekly photo challenges that I take part in from an online group, but thought I might try my hand at a bit of travel blogging during my once in a lifetime trip to Alaska this summer. Turns out it wasn’t too shabby and I discovered that I quite like to write – this from someone who could never keep a diary!

So, this photobook, or book with photos, whichever really, is slowly coming together. It would come together much quicker if only I could stop changing things the minute I think I have finished a page! I haven’t done anything on the book for a little while now, but instead have thought about the pages I have created so far. I have had some more ideas, which means more changes to apparently “finished” pages. Which brings me to an unusual problem. We have all heard of writers block, in my case it’s more like writers overflow – I just cannot seem to stop new ideas from coming to mind, meaning, if I am not very careful, I will be forever working on this book without ever printing it!! Clearly not the goal here.

So then, how do I stop changing my pages every other time I work on this? (Answers on a postcard please!)

Now, I don’t plan to print more than one copy, just for me, but nonetheless, I want to make this the best I can, with my limited experience and ability. Perhaps it is time to set myself some realistic goals; something like a page a weekend (with full-time work, that’s probably the best I can do). Goals are they way to go I feel.

My husband is convinced that I should write a “proper” book about my adventure, and as nice as that compliment is, I cannot imagine anybody (bar from perhaps some friends and family, who would be humoring me) wanting to read about my Alaskan experience.  A very good friend of mine (Hi Clare!), thinks that I am destined to be a travel blogger – there is nothing I would love to do more, but one has to work to finance travel (ah, the never-ending cycle of work, play, work, work, play, work work – you get the idea).

Well, this is not getting this book done now, is it? So, just sharing my ramblings here today and grateful for any thoughts on making this process a little less challenging.



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4 thoughts on “Writing is harder than I thought (or the tale of the accidental author)

  1. Tonya R. Moore

    Life and the muses keep yanking our chains… and it never ends. Makes life interesting though.


  2. Clare P

    I still believe that you are an amazing travel blogger. I was thinking about your book the other day and wondering where you were with it xxx

    When you were writing your blog I felt blessed (more than normal) that you are part of my life and for once we were on separate continents as I would start each day reading your blog with my first cuppa of the day and the disappointment I felt when you had no internet access so there was no blog or photographs


    • Well, the book is no more; I haven given up on that idea, as I don’t think I am any good at writing anything longer than a blog post here or there. I loved my travel writing and obviously whenever we do travel I will carry on with that, but in the meantime photography it is.


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