Week 48 – Vision

Vision – a theme that can be interpreted in many ways. I choose the photo of this wolf from Calgary Zoo, because it shows that sometimes, no matter how much you plan your shots and visualize them ahead of time, an unplanned shot, like the one below, might end up having a lot more visual impact than the planned shot. In this case for the planned shot I was hoping that the wolves for once would pose, which this one happily did, but on reflection, they look visually boring to me, good detail etc, but boring. So when I got home to look at my photos from this trip, I was thrilled to find this one amongst them.

Photography is very subjective – what I find interesting in a photo might seem boring to others, and vice versa. Photography to me is all about how I see the world through the lens and might not necessarily be how the next person sees it. We could be standing in the same spot, looking at the exact same scene and the end product would be very different. Sometimes it is hard to find a different angle for a subject, especially if it is one that has been very well covered, like some of the world’s famous landmarks. Trying to find a shot of say the Empire State building that hasn’t already been taken can very challenging, but worth the try.

A photo should tell a story; now sometimes you need to give some background for people to understand the story told, and sometimes you don’t. There are lots of photographers whose photos I love, but one of my favourite is Vancouver based David duChemin, whose book “Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision” has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my subject(s). David’s blog incidentally can be found here, go and check it out, some amazing photos and stories!



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6 thoughts on “Week 48 – Vision

  1. Love the expression.


  2. I like the way it’s framed. At first, I thought it was a coyote–we have lots of them here, so I’m familiar with the long legs.


    • Glad you like it – yes, we also have a lot of coyotes living around us, just wish I had my camera on me when I encounter them, but no such luck yet.


  3. Tammy

    It looks like he was watching you….beautifully captured and seen!


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