Week 49 – Religion

“There are three things that I have learned never to discuss with people…Religion, Politics and The Great Pumpkin.” said Charles M. Schulz, creator of The Peanuts comic.

Great advice, which most people wholeheartedly ignore!

Religion is a very personal thing. We all know the different views on this subject, all of which have been discussed at length; so don’t worry, I am not going to get on my virtual soapbox here.

Instead, let me introduce you to one of the 16 (at least I think that’s how many we have ) churches of our town. This is St. James Catholic Church, which these days sits at the north end of Okotoks. I drive past this church every working day and most non-working days, at it sits on one of the main roads leading in and out of our town.

The design of this building is such that the church can be seen for miles, looking very much like a big white sail. It always seems to shout “home” to me, as we live just a little ways away from it. The building is relatively new, the original St. James Church stood originally in downtown Okotoks near the CPR (Canadian Pacific Rail) line that goes straight through town. The original church building was built in 1903 and cost a whopping $680! St. James is the oldest catholic church in the Calgary area. I understand from an article online that the widening of the highway where the original church stood, meant that it had to be moved. Part of the original building survives downtown and is now a cafe/bistro.

Some mornings, just at the end of summer, when the sun just starts to rise as I drive to work, I wish I had my camera with me as the colours above and behind the cross are just awesome! This particular shot was taken this morning at around 0830hrs, just after the sun rose at temperatures of -31C (feeling more like -41C with the windchill). I knew I had to go out and get the shot on this clear and very cold morning in order to get at least some of the colours I wanted, as the forecast for tomorrow is for more snow (oh joy!).



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10 thoughts on “Week 49 – Religion

  1. Beautiful color! If I were to attempt a photo outdoors at those unbelievable temperatures, my fingers would freeze to the camera and probably crumble when the photo was snapped.


    • Thanks John & Lois. I must admit, I was very well wrapped up, gloves, scarf around my face, puffy winter jacket and even a hat (I don’t normally wear hats, not even in the winter!). The fact that my car was running just behind me also helped!


  2. You are far more adventurous than I – If it was -31C in my area, I’d be inside with a hot coffee. I love the colors you got in the sky!


    • Andy, it’s more a necessity really – if you don’t go out during temperatures like this you’ll end up staying inside most of the winter months. It’s all a matter of layering!


  3. Elegant simplicity enhanced by that saturated color.


  4. Tammy

    The colors really set off the Cross…Love this one!


  5. Life’s too short to not dip one’s toe into it’s currents. I agree Religion can definitely arouse some strong commentary, but is this a reason to not write about it. I have posted a couple blogs with religion at their base but they were written on a personal level.


    • I agree Pete and my initial intention was to write about my personal experience with religion or the lack of it, but in the end decided not to and instead just tell the story of the building in question. Perhaps I will do another post about my own experience.


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