My favourite things – my coffee mug

This is only my second post in the series of my favourite things, and after my favourite sparkling mineral water from the first post it was an easy choice – my coffee mug.

This mug was bought, as is evident from its subject, in a Disney Store almost 13 years ago. Yes, that is 13 years! This mug has survived numerous holidays (after all, I can’t go on a holiday without my mug!) and a move across the big pond and has survived it all. For some reason coffee or my favourite herbal and fruit teas just don’t taste the same in any other cup and the family has learned that my mug and I are inseparable (well, almost).

The photo on the mug is very representative of myself first thing in the morning (minus the hair rollers); without coffee to get me going I am just useless. In fact, it’s time for a cup now!


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9 thoughts on “My favourite things – my coffee mug

  1. Hope that is a De-Caff Mug


  2. hey Minie mouse your are looking great….


  3. Morning coffee in a favorite mug is the best way to start a new day.


  4. Tammy

    I know exactly how you feel, EXCEPT I look worse than that in the morning lol Need the hair sticking straight up! 🙂


  5. favourite things… no raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens yet? 🙂


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