3 weeks to go and the madness has begun

It is only 3 weeks until we go on our big Europe trip and true to form my last-minute madness has started!

Despite having done a list for almost everything and anything (a summary itinerary, a London itinerary, a Paris itinerary, things to do, things to buy, things to research – you get the idea), there always seems to be something I have forgotten.

Today for instance I happened to spot our first aid travel kit in the bathroom as I came out the shower, and it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t even thought about checking its contents prior to our trip! So there I am, dripping wet, sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor, taking the contents of the kit apart and making mental notes of the missing items!

I should also check with our dog/house sitter if she will water our garden – god only knows what I will do if her answer should be no! See, another thing I hadn’t thought off until just now.

For the past few weeks I have battled with the pros and cons of taking my laptop on our trip, and I still haven’t made my mind up. I would like to take it so that I can edit my RAW photos, but the question is: will I have any time to do any editing, even if it is only basic? I also want to be able to update my blog during our trip, and again, will there be any time?  Will a laptop (15inch screen) weigh us down too much? I mean it’s not really that heavy and my husband is more than happy to put it in his backpack, but still. Given that most of the time we are staying with family and friends, I guess it might not be an issue, as we can leave it at their house whilst we are out and about, and when we are in hotels in London and Paris, we can just lock it into the room safe (if they are big enough). So I am still undecided on this and might just have to act on the spur of the moment the night before we leave (which I really hate!). Any recommendations are highly encouraged at this stage!!

Most of my last-minute items from the to-do list have been pushed to be done on my next Friday off, which is next week, and will be the last one before the trip. So I guess I will be extra busy running from the vets, to the bank, making calls to the alarm company, the UK bank, the Credit Card people, confirming dates with family and friends, and buying some much-needed summer shorts. Oh, and then there is the small matter of finishing the garden remodel! Thankfully the husband is back next Wednesday and he assures me all will be done that turn around. Bless him, instead of getting a well-earned 6 days rest he will be yet again spending it working hard.

Oh, just thought of another thing, dog food – better put that on the list of things to buy next Friday.

Please don’t think that I am disorganized, but it always seem to be the little everyday things that I forget about. The travel has all been booked 6 months ago, the bills will all be taken care off, as will the dogs and house, but ensuring that I have enough band aids (plasters for the UK folks) in the first aid kit never got a look in. Admittedly, you could argue that these little items can be purchased everywhere we go, but who wants to spend their precious time in Paris (or anywhere else for that matter) running around trying to find a pharmacy or trying to figure out where one can obtain a spare charger for the phone. Not me, that’s for sure.

So, here is to a busy 3 weeks ahead of us, hoping that I will remember all these little things in time for the trip (wish me luck).

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10 thoughts on “3 weeks to go and the madness has begun

  1. A Europe trip sounds great! Paris and London are very worthwhile destinations, do you go to other cities, too? And don’t worry, you seem very organized to me! (More than most people are)


    • Thanks! It’ll be nice to get back to London, as we used to live not far away from it for 8 years before we came to Canada. Paris is another city we are getting reacquainted with, having been there twice before. We are also visiting family and friends in Dublin, Manchester, the south of England, south of France, Germany and Berlin. So it’ll be a tour across Europe for us.


  2. I always thought I would to do blog posts on my vaca, but I want to just ENJOY my time with my hubby and friends. So I do posts before I go and schedule them and then have a great time and post my vaca stuff when i return! Works for me! Have a GREAT time!


    • I like the idea of scheduling posts, but I was wanting to blog about our trip and use photos shot on the trip, so I have decided to take the laptop with me. Thankfully we have lots of travel on planes and trains where I can take the chance to do the blog and post once I have internet connection.


  3. You are organized so don’t worry. Leave the laptop at home. 😄


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