Flower Friday

Well, now that winter has properly arrived in our parts of the world it is very nice to remind myself what spring/summer looked like. This is a photo of our small lilac bush out the front of the house. We planted it two years ago and it has settled into its spot nicely. Eventually this should be a fairly tall lilac, but for the time being we enjoy its “miniature” look.


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10 thoughts on “Flower Friday

  1. Tammy

    Beautiful and plus it makes me feel warm! 🙂

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    • Thank you Tammy – did you get much snow in that storm down there? We have had a bit of a heat wave in the past week, so our snow is almost all gone again. Stay warm!


  2. Shouldn’t this be posted on Smellie Sunday??


  3. Oh how nice to share your lilac blooms it’s been years since smelling their sweet aroma. Keep the warm thoughts in the forefront and your winter will be easier to live.


  4. The reminder of spring time fragrance and beauty of a lilac is very welcome after all the cold weather and snow of the last week.


  5. You have such vision. 😄


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