Short trip, basement project and gardening – the 3 main reasons for my recent blogging absence

It has been 3 weeks since my last proper blog post, where did the time go?

I have very good reasons for my absence. The first is an ongoing project, our basement development. No, we are not doing this ourselves, but we are managing the work and contractors instead of engaging a general contractor to do it for us. After all, how hard can it be? Turns out, not as hard as some people claim. Admittedly, I manage construction contracts for a living, so perhaps that made it a little easier for me. So far, all is going well, we have only had one issue with the dry walling contractor letting us down a day before he was to start the work, but if that is the worst that will happen then we are doing well!

Hannover, Germany

Hannover, Germany

My other reason for the recent absence has been my little trip home to Germany. I only went for a week, but it was so worth it. Just to spend some time with family was worth the 8 time zones; by the way, did you know that you apparently need one day per time zone crossed to get back to your normal time zone? So, as this is day 8 for me, I am just about back to normal (whatever that is). I will be sharing some more about my trip home in future blog posts.

And my last reason, but just as important, is that gardening season is here! Having done a remodel of our garden last year we have decided that this year we are not going to go away during the summer, so that we can actually enjoy the fruits of our labour. Those of you who garden know that a gardener’s work is never done. Today I went on the search for some aquatic plants for our little pond, which brought me to a garden center in the north of Calgary. Having never been before I wasn’t sure what to expect, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find the biggest garden center in town! I mean, this place took both sides of the road up, with a car park to match. I didn’t even go into the main part, as the plants I wanted were in the perennial area, on the opposite side of the main store. I could have easily spent thousands of dollars in there, but thankfully I managed to contain myself and just bought a few plants, including the long sought after aquatic plants! However, I can see a day trip looming in the near future!

Some of our poppies

Some of our poppies

Taking a little break from blogging is a necessity for me every now and then, as I do suffer from writers (bloggers) block every so often. So I am hoping this short break has done the trick to re-kindle my creative juices.

See you next week!


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