Taking a break

I have been blogging for about 2 years now, and although I don’t have a large following (currently sitting at 153 – thank you to each and every one of you!) I have really enjoyed it.

Over time my blog has changed; it started with posting photos for a weekly challenge and now is about my travel destinations and the history behind the places I visit. I have never seen myself as someone who can write very well and I am constantly doubting my writing skills. Additionally, I am not sure what I write is really of interest to a lot of people, and so the time feels right to take a break from this and re-evaluate where I want to go with this blog (or even, if I want to continue with the blog at all). I am considering changing it to photos only rather than long posts about historical events or facts that, quite frankly, are to be found everywhere on the internet these days. I might change it entirely and write about something completely different if I feel I still want to write. I just don’t know to be honest, but feel that a break is what is called for right now.

So I thank everyone of you for following my blog, commenting on and liking my posts and for sharing them with your friends.

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8 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Steve

    Well, speaking as one who has only been following your journal for 12 months, I’d like to say how entertaining and informative your blog is! Any chance I can convince you to keep going!?

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    • Thank you Steve for your kind words and support, it means a lot. However, I still think I need to rethink my direction on this blog and try to find a niche for myself in this wide world of blogging. Stay tuned…


  2. Wishing you the best for which ever way you choose to go. I think part of blogging is changing and re-evaluating from time to time, I know my blog has changed over the years. Heck it’s changed this year, lol. I’ve enjoyed your photo’s and reading of your journeys I hope you continue with the blog.


  3. You’s is a much betterer writter than I is Simone, but the fact you are taking a break just proves you are a good person too, cause they say that there is “No rest for the wicked” that’s why I am forced to carry on and I do Carry On just like the movies. Have a wonderful time!


  4. I’ve enjoyed your blog as well Simone, although I have to admit to not keeping up with any of the blogs I have been following since I’ve taken up PSE&M. I haven’t even been keeping up my own blog.

    I agree that there is an incredible amount of content and the internet and it is hard to be unique and standout in the crowd. I think there are three ways you can approach the blogging world:
    – Shoot for creating content that will be of very broad appeal (hard to do)
    – Take the local approach: Appeal to the small group of folks who follow you and hope to get a few more. It is kind of like being the local bookstore and not aspiring to be Barnes and Noble.
    – Do a blog for your own purpose and not so much for the readers. This was my approach – do it as a way to take more pictures and record my memories (of course I’ve been failing spectacularly at this)

    I do hope you continue blogging. I have found your posts interesting and informative, as I wouldn’t typically seek out the information you share.


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