Opinions Please

Having taken the past month off from blogging I have had time to think about where I want to go with this blog.

I have read plenty of articles on blogging; everything from how to create a successful blog to finding out if your subject is too niche. I have read tons of different blogs, some with +20k followers, and some with only a handful of loyal fans. I have re-read some of my more successful posts and then those that didn’t create any waves at all in an attempt to figure out why that would be so.

One article suggested that having too niche a subject is bad as there is not much other material out there and not many other blogs that could potentially send traffic your way. Therefore, a subject that already has a good number of blogs out there is preferable, which seems to be counter intuitive, but does make sense somehow.

My blog started off to be just photos, then turned into a travel journal for about 3-4 weeks and then gradually ended up being about history through my travels. I am not sure that is the right direction for me any longer. I mean, all of what I have previously written about is freely available on the internet, so who needs another blogger writing about history? They say you should blog about whatever you are passionate about, in my case that does happen to be history but also includes photography. So rather than trying to combine the two perhaps it is time to just stick to posting photos.

However, another article I read suggested that you find out what your followers enjoy about your blog and what they don’t.

So, before I go ahead with any major change in direction I wanted to take this opportunity to find out from you, my followers, what attracted you to my blog in the first place, what kept you coming back. Perhaps you just skip over the writing and enjoy the photos, or the other way around, or perhaps you don’t read or look any more and you have just forgotten to remove my blog from your following list. Whatever the case, I would love to hear from you and get your feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this and provide your comments.

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7 thoughts on “Opinions Please

  1. Simone, I for one, am most comfortable in the blogging world. The Social Media world is not for me. I think that I have enjoyed YOUR Travelogue more than many on the others I have followed. However I don’t think I can advise anyone on this matter other than to say (In the words of John Wayne) A Mans Gotta Do what A MANS GOTTA DO) (You have my permission to transliterate man into woman for your own purposes). I am participating in the New PSE site (but only in a limited way and in the Elements Village Suburbs on FB but I don’t find the same fulfillment as I did at EV (I just need to maintain contact with the wonderful people) I will continue with my blog but only in the way that suits me from day to day – I am going to do it just for me. John and Lois are regulars Patty drops by once a week you when you have some spare time but the one I miss the most Tammy seems so caught up on life and FB that she rarely has time. Strangely though, out of the blue my major mentor (Julie) will comment on a post I make and it thrills me, as does Mike’s (boomer) occasional comment. We just have to let others do what they want to do, and get on with doing what we NEED to do. That said, please don’t stop blogging as I will continue to follow you and comment when I catch your post, Keep going and Growing as a Blogger!


    • Ron, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I usually love social media; I am on FB, Twitter, Instagram and then there is my blog, but I just couldn’t get into the EV Burbs on FB. Not sure why, perhaps too many posts and too much to try and keep up with, plus, being a moderator on the new PSE&M forum keeps me busy too. Like you, I want to stay in touch with some folks that I met through the old EV but the FB group just doesn’t suit me for some strange reason (go figure). I have enjoyed my blog up until recently when suddenly it just felt a little stale to me, hence me taking a break and now re-evaluating my direction with this one. I really love seeing people’s photos on blogs from all around the world; yours being amongst one of my favourites. So perhaps I just need to do what I enjoy looking at myself, photos, nothing more and nothing less. I think I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I do want to continue with my blog, just how much writing I will want to do is still up in the air. So thank you once again Ron for your loyal support, your comments which always lift my spirits and for your wonderful photos from down under!


  2. Hi Simone.

    I think you will get a lot of varied answers to your question and I can only give a personal answer.

    I visit sites to look at photos and these are divided into two categories: a) things and places I have not seen before, and b) art that engages me. (There can be some overlap). I am more captivated by category b.

    The blogging side for me is becoming less active and social media more so.I guess I am at the opposite side of the world from Ron in this. I am really busy at the moment and time is soooo short. I like the immediacy of Facebook and its instant interactivity. It suits my lifestyle and it has all my interests in one place. (I do other stuff too.) I use my blog more and more purely as a hosting site for photos I am posting on social media. My photos are mostly accessed through social media than by those directly hitting my blog. I do visit other blogs to take a look, perhaps once a fortnight, but I rarely comment because I don’t have anything new to say.

    (The same applies to forums. I was a member of a few forums besides EV, but they were all getting quieter and I rarely visit them now because more happens elsewhere. Visiting forums means leaving the main hub of my online activity with time restraints getting in the way. This is one of the main reasons I have not signed up to the new forum.)

    I don’t suppose that helps at all for you deciding what to do. I’ll leave you with a question: Why is it important to have lots of visitors?


    • Ivor, thank you for taking the time to respond; I know you have a very busy schedule, so it is really appreciated.

      You pose a very good question, which I hadn’t really considered up to now. Why is it important to have lots of visitors? In my case probably because I would like to know that there is somebody out there enjoying what I am putting out on my blog; perhaps a secret hope to take this further than just blogging (although I am not entirely sure what that would look like).
      As I said in my response to Ron, I am usually into social media, but just cannot get on with the Burbs on FB. Everyone is great on there, it’s just too much for me to try and keep up with I think. Like most people, my time is spent trying to divide it up between work, family, and other interests outside of the EV/PSE&M/FB Burbs groups. Moderating on the new forum is a new experience for me which I am really enjoying, so I think that is another reason why I just haven’t felt the need to catch up with people in the Burbs, although I do miss some that are on the Burbs, but not part of the new forum, yourself included in this Ivor. So perhaps I will try and pop in every so often to stay in touch. As for the blogging, I will see where my ruminations will take me.


  3. Clare Powell

    Hi lovely lady,
    Yours is the only none work related blog I follow, so I’m not an ideal person to comment, I’ve also thought the fact that I know you influences how I read them. The blogs I enjoyed most were your Alaska ones, i would eagerly await each blog and was disappointed when lack of Internet prevent you posting. I was thinking about why I enjoyed them more I think it’s because they were more personalised which as your friend I loved sharing the experiences.. Now I read your input, skim the history and look at the photos, probably because I’m not a huge history fan. I think you should follow your heart with your blogging x


    • Hi Clare, thanks for coming on here and responding to my plea for feedback.
      I knew that you would have mostly enjoyed my Alaska journey entries; unfortunately these kind of trips don’t happen every month, so the chances of another similar journal are fairly slim at the moment.
      What does my hear say about my blogging? Hmm, another good question! I think my heart is telling me to stop writing long essays and concentrate more on my photos. At least that is what it is telling me today lol So, we’ll see if I still feel like that in a few days or so. I know that I want to keep blogging as I have actually missed it during my time off (despite the fact that our lives were taken over by other stuff).


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