The elusive gecko

This Madagascar Giant Day Gecko lives in the Destination Africa building of our zoo. In all the years that we have visited the zoo we have only spotted him a couple of times. My husband is always on the look out for him, but alas, usually this little fellow is nowhere to be seen.

I was extremely lucky when I visited the zoo on my own the other weekend as the gecko was right on the bottom of a pillar in the building. As I snapped away I realized that I was getting some strange looks from passers-by; it was obvious that they had not spotted him. Just a shame my husband wasn’t there to enjoy this elusive gecko, so this one is especially for him.

The Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

The Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

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6 thoughts on “The elusive gecko

  1. Is that Gordon Gecko, no wait he live on Wall Street!

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  2. He looks to have a slight smile happening, what a poser! lol.

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  3. Nice capture of the star of some of my favorite commercials.


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