When Chinooks collide with Sunsets

Chinook winds are a weather phenomenon those living in the Southern Alberta/Calgary area await every winter with some impatience. These warm winds can bring the temperatures from -15C to +15C within hours and are the reason why Calgarians are able to ditch their winter outfits for a few days in between the freezing winter temperatures. These winds come from the Pacific coast, cool whilst travelling up the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies and then rapidly warm as they come down the other side on the eastern slopes. With this comes the famous Chinook arch, which gives everyone the first clue that warmer weather is on its way (and some unfortunate people suffer with headaches as the Chinook approaches).

A couple of weeks ago we had such a Chinook arch in the evening, just as the sun was setting, and the result was a fabulous display of clouds and colour.


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4 thoughts on “When Chinooks collide with Sunsets

  1. I don’t see the Helicopter and a Chinook is a BIG Helicopter.


  2. That’s lovely Simone. I am a fan of strange cloud formations and I didn’t know a chinook was a wind either.


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