Little House Sparrow


A lot of people don’t really like sparrows, seeing them as somewhat of a pest; they crowd out bird feeders in your garden, they congregate in large numbers in parks and inner cities, they even take up house in your shed, garage or home.

The house sparrow is one of the most widespread animals on our planet and sometimes one of the only birds willing to take up residence in the inner cities. You may love or hate them, but I confess I quite like them. We have some that have taken up residence near our home and the family has been living around us for some years now and for the past 2 years we have started to put out bird feeders into our garden; and whilst the sparrows do take over, they only do so on the feeder containing “their” food. As they cannot access the food contained in the feeder for finches, they have lost all interest in the other feeders.

We call them our “mob squad”; they have one or two individuals that will come and scout out the garden to make sure our dogs are nowhere near before the rest of the squad arrives; sometimes there are as many as 20-30 of them in our garden. I just love watching them, especially when they bring their young for the first time; it’s free entertainment in our garden!

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One thought on “Little House Sparrow

  1. I didn’t know that Sparrows grew a winter coat. Ours aren’t that fluffy.


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