Morning Sunrise


The early bird apparently catches the worm.

Well, in this case I almost didn’t catch this sunrise yesterday morning. We had planned to get up in plenty of time to make our way to the nearby storm water pond (about a 5 minute walk from our house). However, I had not set the alarm as I usually wake up around 6am, which would give us enough time to get up, have coffee and be in position well before 7am when sunrise currently takes place for us.

I woke up at 7am, got up to look out the window to be greeted with what promised to be a fantastic sunrise. I have never gotten dressed (well, jeans over PJ dressed really) and out of the house so quickly, and that included getting my husband up and out as well. He had a right job trying to keep up with me, and let me tell you, usually I am the slower one!


When we got to the pond it was still a little dark and the pond, with a very thin sheet of ice reflected the sunrise perfectly. I should mention that I expected it to be very cold, but when I opened the door to get out of the house a heat wave hit us. Evidently the Chinook that the weather forecasters promised had arrived overnight, as is shown by the Chinook arch in this photo.



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One thought on “Morning Sunrise

  1. These are stunning Simone, however I had already made my decisions for the IoW so just wanted you to know that I loved them, by commenting.


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