Winter’s delay

It seems Winter has delayed its arrival to our part of Alberta, for which I am thankful for. Usually by now we would have temperatures of -10C during the day accompanied by snow and the odd blizzard here and there.

Instead forecasters are telling us that the strong El Nino is going to give us a dry and warmer winter.

We took the advantage of the warmer weather to visit our local zoo and it did feel like a warm Autumn day.


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4 thoughts on “Winter’s delay

  1. Very nicely composed with the reflections of the trees following the shape of the water. 🙂 I’m not sure if I am a fan of the people on the bridge and the photographer on the left or not. Usually I would not want them in the picture, but because you don’t notice them at first and really have to really look for them so their appearance is a bit of a treat. It’s a bit like Where’s Wally, which I think is Where’s Waldo on the far side of the Atlantic.


    • Thanks Ivor, like you I wasn’t sure about the people being in there, but I thought it added a sense of perspective. I like the idea of Where’s Wally!


  2. Idyllic! Not long winded like Ivor.


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