The bird named after a lady

Meet the Himalayan Monal, a most colourful bird from Asia. This species is also referred to the Impeyan, named after Lady Impey, the wife of the British chief justice of Calcutta. Lady Impey kept some of these birds on their grounds of their estate in the late 18th century and she kept extensive notes about their habitat and behaviour, which were of great use to biologists in their work on native species.

The Himalayan Monal

The Himalayan Monal

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7 thoughts on “The bird named after a lady

  1. Simone….I’m finally able to log in to WordPress!!!! I love reading your blog…always includes some interesting tidbits! Beautiful bird…don’t think I’ve ever seen one!


    • Helen, finally, welcome!! Thanks for the kind words, glad you are enjoying the blog. I love this bird, usually he is very shy, but I was lucky that day.


  2. Named after a Lady but SO BEAUTIFUL, must be a Male! LoL


  3. Those colours are so amazing, love the little head feathers too.


  4. This bird is amazing, like a rainbow!


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