The new addition

At our local zoo all eyes were on the giraffes who had a baby at the end of October, and whilst she is very cute indeed I was far more excited to see this little cute fur ball.

Meet Usha, a baby red panda cub that was born in July, and after three months growing up in her den finally made her way out to meet the public. She is very cute and loves to play around a lot.

20151113-untitled-578-Edit 20151113-untitled-548-Edit-Edit 20151113-untitled-581-Edit-2

Now I know that a lot of people don’t like zoos, and if you are one of them, you are out of luck with me. I love our local zoo, especially as without their conservation efforts, and those of other zoos around the world, many of our fantastic animal species would be extinct by now. In case you hadn’t noticed, but the human race seems to love killing anything around them. And yes, I would much rather that all the animals were free to roam the wild, who wouldn’t? But let’s face it, with so many wildlife habitats disappearing, the poachers all around the world decimating some species and us humans in general not really looking after the animals and their habitats, zoos play a vital role in conservation.

Right, I am coming off my soap box now.20151113-untitled-544-Edit-Edit

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6 thoughts on “The new addition

  1. These are great pictures! Better than great! You should submit these to the zoo. I don’t have much opportunity to photograph at a zoo but friends that do alway have trouble getting a decent picture of a red panda as they are so elusive.


  2. I just love Red Bear Cats, and Babies are the tops. I wish things like this weren’t endangered.


  3. Beautiful shots! I love our Melbourne Zoo, and our local Werribee Open Range Zoo, they really make an effort to provide as natural a habitat as possible. I love going on the safari bus through the savannah, pretending I’m in Africa..


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