The below photo is one that I took last year during our Europe trip, and whilst I liked the original I always wanted to do something more creative with this.

Until today I had no idea what to do with this, but this week on the Photoshop Elements & More (PSE&M) forum (where I am a moderator), one of our members posted a video tutorial on how to create a certain type of sketch. I usually don’t like to use video tutorials, as I find them hard to follow along at the same time, so I end up watching them and taking notes at the same time (not very efficient I know). However, this is something I had wanted to try out and learn, so I gave it a go. After creating the first sketch last night, I wanted to try using the Eiffel Tower photo to see what I could come up with. On top of using the tutorial, which can be found here, I took the photo over into Topaz Lab Texture Effects, which is their newest plug-in, to give it its finishing touches.

I am really happy with the end result and probably will try this out on a few more photos, as it is very addictive.





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One thought on “Experimenting

  1. looks great and the colors are wonderful


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