Alberta Sunrises

We are very fortunate here in Alberta; our sunrises and sunsets are phenomenal.

The office I am currently located in faces the East on one side and over the past few months I photographed the sunrises from that side of the building with my phone. My colleagues, whose cubicles are on that side soon got used to me appearing around the time of sunrise, pulling the blinds down to avoid the glare of the office lights and taking a number of shots. I usually shared them that same morning on my Instagram account (storki).

I thought a selection of them would make a great collage; the template I used for this comes from the Coffee Shop Blog.

20151227-Alberta Sunrises

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4 thoughts on “Alberta Sunrises

  1. These are beautiful, Simone! What time do you have to be to work in the morning???? I am working on a “Clouds” assignment but there’s nothing but gray dismal skies around here recently.


    • Thank you Helen. I get to work for about 6am (my choice), and during the winter sunrise is not until late (anywhere between 7 and 830 depending on the month) and in the summer it is super early, so for once, winter is in my favour! Hope you get better skies soon for your assignment, hope you will share those with us!


  2. The sky must be flammable in your Neck of the Woods!


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