A box of frogs (of the Origami kind)

Can you tell that I have an obsession with origami? This has only come about of late really in my quest to try and create still life photos with a difference.

This week’s inspiration started off with the larger wooden box, which incidentally I picked up at a charity shop for just $1 (what a bargain!). For reasons that I cannot fathom I just came out with the “a box of frogs” phrase and the rest just kind of developed from there.

Talking about charity shops, this has also developed into a sort of obsession with me over the last couple of months. Every other week or so my husband and I visit our local charity shop, followed by the salvage yard on the outskirts of our town. As the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Pretty much all of the items in my recent still life photos are made up of these finds. I have quite a collection now, and if I am not careful I will be running out of space before too long (although, there is always the storage room in the basement!). I love rummaging around at these shops, you never know what might turn up.

A box of frogs

A box of frogs

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9 thoughts on “A box of frogs (of the Origami kind)

  1. Tammy

    Like I said on Flickr…loving your new creations. I think you need to go charity shopping for me too…you really are getting some cool stuff


    • Cheers Tammy, it seems that I am fairly lucky with my finds at the moment, so more than happy to shop for two!


  2. You’ve certainly got quite an assortment happening, I can relate to the origami stars, made a few over Christmas to hang around the place. The wooden boxes were a great find, and I quite like the giant lily pad that the frogs are making a beeline for.


  3. Julie

    Back when got my first dSLR, I used a homemade lightbox to shoot some origami figures my daughter made and I’ve shot little newspaper boats too. I’m not sure why, but these things do make intriguing subjects.


  4. I agree with all of the above. It’s a great, well thought out composition too.


  5. I do wish I could understand origami. I also can’t untangle my necklaces. Engineer husband had to take over.


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